Unlock Your Hip Flexors

I remember it like it was yesterday. But first, please let me ask you a few questions…

  • Have you ever been lying in bed and felt like you would be stuck in that position forever, because you knew the pain of trying to pull yourself out was pretty much the same as taking an 8 inch shank and stabbing yourself in the back?
  • Have you ever been seated in your comfy living room chair and had to ask a family member to help you up to get out, simply because it would make the pain of pulling yourself up far less severe?
  • Has it ever literally taken you 5 minutes or more just to get up or down a flight of stairs because each and every step down you had to take felt like re-living the crappiest “hell on earth” pain you’ve ever experienced?

Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions above then I completely feel for you my friend.

I’ve been there, and then some…

Actually, due to the fact it became my own reality for most of my adult life, I promised myself to make it one of my missions to help people just like you once I uncovered some solutions that were FINALLY helping me to get some relief.

So here’s a promise for you.

If you simply take the time to read these 2 pages I’ve created for you in their entirety then I’m going to give you access to something that can literally be “life changing” for your back problems.

Sound ok? Is it a deal? Great…I knew I could count of you. You’ll be happy you did too!

I know first-hand that it’s been helping me out for a good many years now.

“Yes, You Can Be Living A Much Better Quality Of Life With Far Less Back Pain Than You’ve Experienced In Years…

“Imagine getting up in the morning and actually pulling yourself out of bed with ease because your back hasn’t felt so “pain free” in years.

Think about how much better you’re going to feel about yourself because you’ll be able to put in some real quality time with your family and loved ones… and actually enjoy it for a change.

No more putting on the fake brave smile as you internally fight off the pain that’s really happening inside of you…

Let me be the first to tell you, this especially feels great!

Also, the added mobility and stamina you’ll likely be experiencing may very well blow your mind compared to what you’ve become accustomed to.

Yes, there certainly can be a far better quality of life for you…with less back pain, and soon there’s a good chance you’ll be experiencing it for yourself…”

“The Day The Doctor Changed My View On Life Forever”

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with some type of chronic recurring back problem, then what I’m about to say may seem very familiar to you.

Chances are, you’ve probably got your own similar story too.

As I’m writing this I’m 48 years old, which means that it’s been 21 years now since I had this unfortunate encounter and meeting with my doctor. I was diagnosed when I was just 27 years old.

Not surprisingly, I remember this particular day very vividly, as it changed the course of my entire life substantially.

In the weeks leading up to visiting with my doctor I had a few minor bouts with my back. Most often these bouts would come with varying degrees of pain and severity, as I’m sure you’re well aware of…

However, on the day I finally decided to make an appointment to get in and see my doctor, it took pretty much all the strength and determination I could muster up to pull myself out of bed that morning.

“Enough is enough!”, I told myself. “I’ve got to find out just what the hell is going on here. How come I can barely move without it causing me so much excruciating pain? This is getting ridiculous!”

When the doctor first came in he had asked me a few questions about the problems I was having. I explained to him as best I could all of the symptoms and history of my back issues with him.

After hearing what I’d had to say, it didn’t take him very long to tell me that he wanted to schedule me for a series of back x-rays. No real big surprise there… however the results were something that I totally hadn’t expected!

Once the x-rays were finished and the doctor seen the results for himself, he looked into my eyes and said, “Well, I think you should probably brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you….”

Being a little taken back by his statement, I prepared myself for the worst.