How To Fix Your Back Pain Yourself

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You Can Be Living A Much Better Quality Of Life With Far Less Back Pain Than You’ve Experienced in YEARS…

“Imagine getting up in the morning and actually pulling yourself out of bed with ease because your back hasn’t felt so “pain free” in years.

Think about how much better you’re going to feel about yourself.

You’ll be able to put in some real quality time with your family.

And enjoy spending it with loved ones without being in pain… 

No more putting on the fake brave smile as you internally fight off the pain.

The pain that’s really happening inside (there’s almost nothing worse).Let me be the first to tell you; it’s going to feel great!The added mobility and stamina you’ll experience may very well blow your mind.

Forget EVERYTHING you’ve become accustomed to.There’s certainly a far better quality of life for you.

A life with NO back pain.

 If you follow our advice; you’ll be experiencing it for yourself… (med free!)


What People Are Saying About Fix Your Own Back Solution

“I want to thank you for your online tips for not only myself but for those I will be using with my patients in the future.

Five days ago I experienced a different type of lower back pain that was exactly the flexion induced lower back problem you describe on your site.


The one thing I had realized is that I had no kept current with best information and rehab information and just thought spinal adjustments were the key to maintaining a healthy spine along with some exercise BUT I did not realize some of the exercises I had been doing and those I had been telling patients to do were wrong.


This new information gives me an excited forecast of the future versus a depressed outlook on what the future might hold. So grateful for your site and now excited about the prospect of building a healthy back.

Dr. Ed L.
– Member

“My local chiropractor referred me to Dr. Snell’s website in February, after a month of severe lumbar disc pain.

When I first found the website I was literally flat on the floor of my living room, unable to move more than a few inches at a time.

But I started Dr. Snell’s program that night.  I worked carefully through the chapters over the next six months, all the way to the Turkish Get-ups in Chapter 7.  

Back in February, I could not even walk without terrible pain, and I was terrified that I would never be able to run again.  

But within six weeks of following Dr. Snell’s program, my pain had mostly disappeared.  

In May I was able to run slowly again.  By June, I was back to my normal running routine.  And in September, I ran a 100 mile ultra without even thinking about my back.

At the finish line, my family asked about my disc injury and I said, “Oh!  Well, I guess it’s all healed!”  

Thank you Dr. Snell!

Amy C.
– Member

“Dr. Snell’s program ended 30 years of endless cycles of chronic low back pain, muscle spasms, sciatica, nerve and muscle atrophy.

And its toll on productivity and happiness.

The only chagrin I’m left with is how such a simple diagnosis and cure eluded so many doctors.

Roger E.
– Member

Find Out 

If you’re suffering from back pain and looking for a solution that you can do yourself.

From the comfort of your own home.

In your own time.

With medication or expensive equipment.

Then click through now and we’ll tell you what you need to do…

Alan Jenks DC

Alan Jenks

Creator of Stop Your Back Pain

About the Author

Alan is a practicing Chiropractor, PhD student and always asking WHY? Never happy with simple solutions, he is always looking for simple and effective ways to get his patients better. His friend and colleague Dr. Philip Snell found a way to make it simpler and and effective to help a certain type of low back pain. Click Here for more info.


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